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Everything for your Kitchen

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No two kitchens are the same.

Be inspired by JBN Group partner Schuller’s different styles, colours and room layouts.

Get ideas for your dream kitchen. 

Kitchens are as individual as the people that use them. Individuality combined with innovation, quality down to the last detail and the reliability of a family business.

Pleasure is not superficial; it goes hand in hand with quality.

After all, what’s really important in life is true values.


ALBA – Strong colours and structures

Strong colours and structures are combined playfully, “Industrial style“ inspires the mix of four cool colours, olive yellow, grey, black and white. The long bar that visually extends the kitchenette invites a drink!


ALEA MATT – The kitchen with an extra amount of storage space

Kitchen units in neutral Havana brown nestle up against the wall, leaving room for a great feature: a perfectly coordinated utility room in bright yellow for additional storage space. In this kitchen, everything is optimally stowed away.


BIELLA – Casual and light – a kitchen in rosé

In this kitchen, a modern look is combined with functionality! Intelligent, space-saving storage solutions are combined with casual lightness. The result: a perfect combination of cooking and living.


CAMBIA – The modern country kitchen

Simple, natural and a little rustic – that’s the country style. Breathe nature into your home with the elegant Cambia Shaker-style front. Experience day after day a natural sensibility, combined with lasting awareness and honest enjoyment.


CANTO – No matter of age

Young and old alike can cook side by side here. Spacious, inviting and practical – who could resist? Our Canto kitchen with its cassette fronts brings a modern country style to your home.


CLASSIC – For taste, you need space

Chic, elegant and low-key. The combination of agate grey fronts and an oxide graphite worktop with dark-coloured, backlit recess cladding creates a harmonious atmosphere.


CORTINA – Elegant kitchen in the city

A kitchen with elegant fine lines that oozes warmth. That’s Cortina in the titanium metallic finish.


ELBA – Kitchen and wine bar in a room

Perfect for gourmets! Today we attach a lot of importance to what we put on our plates: regional, organic, top quality and special ingredients are a must. This requires a kitchen where food can be prepared attentively and conscientiously.


FINO MATT – This look will never get out of style

What the little black dress in terms of fashion that is brilliant white in the kitchen: a choice that is always modern.