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Everything for your Kitchen

Utility Rooms at


Clever housekeeping solutions

Ever since the kitchen has opened up and increasingly become the heart of the home, where there is often no longer a basement, the question has arisen as to where we should put all the things we need every day but don’t want everyone to see.


More room and organisation

Space-saving, organised and always close at hand. From a tall unit for drinks crates to one for brooms and another for provisions – we’ve thought of everything. We offer you a unit to suit every area.


Cleaning and laundry

The home launderette – drawers and cupboards that make your life easier. Perfect laundry thanks to storage solutions for washing and accessories, making washing fun!


Smart recycling

Today it’s all about using resources sustainably – recycling, not throwing away. But how can plastic bottles, paper and tins be perfectly stored and sorted? With our range of special recycling cupboards and bags, everything can be easily sorted and ready to be taken out at your convenience.